So you are planning to build a pool?

And looking for a website with a lot of answers, tips and advice?

Ok, here it is, the story about when we built our pool and fixed our backyard.

Things you need to know before you build a pool

Are you in the process of building a pool? Then there are a lot of things you need to know. Even if you are going to use a pool company you need knowledge to make the right decisions. You canít trust the seller at the pool company to know everything, he could have been selling cars last week for all you know, and even if he has a lot of experience, he doesnít know what you need or want. You have to tell him. It is always good to have knowledge about something you are going to invest in, and with pools it is pretty hard to change your mind afterwards.

On this website you can find information to make your decisions easier if you are going to build a swimming pool, with or without help from a pool company.

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