Blue stake

Before they start to dig you have to call all utilities/facility in your area to make sure that you don't have any lines or pipes in your backyard. Utility companies have two working days to respond. You must dig by hand if you need to dig within 2 feet either side of a marked line.

Instead of you trying to guess which company that is, call Arizona Blue Stake. Arizona Blue Stake was established as a one-call notification system by underground facility owners to assist excavators. This damage prevention service is provided free of charge to any individual or company planning to excavate.

Markings are valid for only 15 working days. Call Arizona Blue Stake two full working days before expiration date if you need to continue to dig or if the markings are not visible anymore, during the digging.

When you call the  Arizona Blue Stakes they are going to ask for the name and telephone number on the company that are going to do the excavation.

Arizona Blue Stake

Blue Stake Brochure
Utility markings What the color means:
Red Electric Power
Yellow Gas and Oil Product
Orange Telephone, Cable Television, Fiber Optics
Blue Water System
Green Sanitary Sewer System
Purple Reclaimed Water