Deciding on which decking company I was going to use wasn't easy. There were many small companies, but were they good? There was one company that everyone says was the best, but they were scheduled for 1,5 week forward.

It was also very hard to decide on what kind of decking we should choose, there are so many different kind. I wanted Acrylic decking, but acrylic decking can look in so many different ways.

The decking can look like; pavers, different stones, bricks, or tile. To make the decking look like stones is more expensive than just have lace decking.

And then there is the problem with expending soil. There are many different ways to solve that problem. Most companies say that they can pour a thicker shell. 5 inch instead of 4 inch, that cost $1/square foot more or they can put in wire mesh at the bottom of the concrete that cost 50 cent/square foot extra.
Time to decide where you want the umbrella sleeves to be.

 I tried to hold an umbrella during different time of the day and see where the shadow fell. But when the pool was done I realized that the sun had a new position in the sky and the shadows where different. So I guess the only solution to that problem is; buy a huge parasol.

Day 1

Leveling out the ground

Today they leveled out the soil and put up the forms. Now I can see how it will look when the decking is done. It looks good. We move some of the forms to make it look better.




The decking is formed

We decided to go for both the extra inch and the wire mesh. If you are going to add an extra inch on your decking you maybe need to tell the excavation company about it since it will affect the elevation.



The decking with wire mesh
How narrow you can do the decking differ between the decking company. Some say they can do between 12 and 18 inch other say the decking has to be at least 18 inch to be sure it's not going to crack later on.



Day 2

 The concrete is poured in the decking forms

Today they are pouring the concrete. I don't have to water it, that's good. This concrete has a lot of small stones in it to make it really hard.



The decking concrete is smothed out

It is amazing that the decking can get a smooth surface with all that stone in it.



Decking done

 Here it is, all done.

Now it must dry for a couple of days before they can paint it. You should not walk on it for 24 hours.


The company did not want to do the acrylic topping until the tile was installed so I had to schedule the tile company to do the tile while the decking was drying. Probably it would have been best to do the interior and the clean up and everything before they did the decking because every time someone was here working they left marks on the decking.



Decking, part 2, Day 1

The tile is done and the decking company can carry on with the work.

First the foreman for the painting crew came out and we talked about what I wanted to do with the decking. I wanted a border around the pool in a different color. Maybe to make it look like brick. But we decided to go on a little bit bigger "stones" and give them a flagstone surface.

On the north end of the pool the decking is really narrow and I wanted the border to go all the way around. The problem was that the border is usually 12 inch and in the north end the decking was only 18 inch, it would look strange with a 12 inch border and a 6 inch regular lace decking.

We decided to make the border only 8 inch and the squares 10 inch long. It looks really good even at the narrow area.



Day 2

First layer of acrylic on the decking

Today the whole work team was here. First they put a layer of acrylic all over the area and then they marked out the squares around the pool edge. It is now I start to wonder if it was such a good idea with the square stones. Sometimes the "stones" get divided by those "safety cracks" into strange shapes.  After a lot of discussion and thinking I decide to go on with the “stone” border. It is called copping.



Decking copping

Here they have done the surface of the copping.



Spraying another layer of Acrylic
Then they covered up the copping and covered the decking with a new layer of acrylic.


Levels out the acrylic with a trowel
After comes a man that levels out the acrylic with a trowel. Take a look at his shoes.



Acrylic done
They Acrylic is done. Now it has to dry and tomorrow a new team will come and paint it.


Day 3

Choose color on decking

Today it is time for the paint. First they did two test for me so I could see if I liked the color I chosen. If the copping color should be more red, lighter or darker. I also have to choose between dark or light grey between the "stones". 



Decking done
Here are the decking done.
Tips. The decking are really, really sensitive for a couple of weeks. Our deck was damaged first by the clean up company and then by the interior company. It is probably best to wait to paint the decking until last. Otherwise I would recommend a two week wait until any work is done close to the decking. 

Tips. Make sure the clean up company is covering your decking before they start dragging the hoses down into the pool.