With electric I would say the most important is the equipment. We were told to take two, 2 hp pumps but we bought one pump with 4 different power levels instead. It was a lot more expensive but we saved some money on the installation fee and there is a lot of money to save when we use the pump.

Since the pump has 4 different speeds we don't have to run the pump on maximum all day and night, we can decide on how much power the pump should run on.

We run the pump on a low speed for a couple of hours during the day for the circulation and during the night when the electricity is cheaper we run the cleaning on a higher speed. When the pump is running on a low speed it is very quiet, the higher speed makes a lot more noise but that we donít have to worry about because we are asleep at that time.

One poollamp installed
Here is one of the lights installed. The wires are grounded in the house. Everything is grounded even the sleeve for the basketball hoop is grounded. 
  Pool electric wire 

The wires that goes to the pool is not in copper but the one around the pool are, and it is expensive. To save some dollars try to make the distance between the control panel and the lights short.

Pool electrician