The first day they started after lunch so they didn't have time to dig very much.

The first thing they asked was if the line was the excavation line or the waterline. Since many home owner that layout their pools themselves don't add the 6 extra inches, that the pool itself is going to take up. And even if it is only 6 inch it is going to make the pool, 1 feet shorter and 1 feet narrow so that is not something the excavation company want to be accused of.

Excavation day 1

  This is the deepest end, 6 feet, and it is the small circle, 14 feet diameter. You can see that they already dug out for the skimmer and one of the lights.  
On the second day started the "problem".

The grotto we wanted wasn't going to fit in our yard so we had to go for a rectangular bench. The guy who dug the pool wanted to be nice and added a shelf to have the feet on. The problem was he made it way too big. It was about two and a half feet so it would probably stick out under the cliff the kids were going to jump from so I asked him to make it smaller. 1,5 feet, it still looked big.

Called my pool supervisor, he told me he already looked at it told them it was too big, at that time the shelf was 3 feet. Next morning I told him it was still too big. We decided to make it only 1 foot and if it was to small the rock work guys could make it bigger. Deal. The guy who dug was very patient with me and maid it smaller.

Excavation day 2

  You can now see where the grotto is going to be and the bench beside the grotto.  

Excavation almost done

  The crew is almost done digging. But it is still a lot of dirt left. For a while I was little worried that the trampoline was going to be buried. If you want to save some dirt for later just tell them and they leave you some. Just remember there are going to be more digging. The plumber, the electrician and the gas company are going to leave you dirt after they been digging and if you are going to plant some plants there are a lot of dirt that you need to get ride of later on.  
Third day.

Today they just have to finish up the big circle ,18 feet diameter, 4 feet deep with the four steps. When I went outside to look at the work there were only two steps. The first two one. They told me that the other two will the steel guy built. I called my pool supervisor, yes, it was correct.

The pool looks so big and so deep, and it is. Right now it is 6 feet and 9 inch at the deepest. The 9 inch is for the pipes, steel, shotcrete and the interior.

Excavation done

  The tile is going to be where the board are. The plank is to check that the elevation is correct. You can see the two steps to the right and the other hole of the light, also to the right. And in the far right corner you can see the other bench.  
My pool supervisor came and checked the depth on the pool, made sure the hole for the skimmer and lights was big enough. He also checked the elevation. The elevation of the pool is important because since you want the water to drain away from the pool down in the deck drain. The elevation is the height of the bond beam minus 2 but in our case we had put pavers on the patio so the decking are going to be a little bit higher so our elevation was - 2,5 inch. If you are going to do a thicker decking you have to take that in the calculations too. The deck is usually 4 inch thick but if you have expending soil in your area you can put an extra inch on the decking to prevent cracking.

I think this "elevation-stuff" is hard so I asked the guy that did the pool layout to spray the elevation on the ground. So the excavation company didn't have to ask me about it.