You can schedule an inspection by telephone or online in Gilbert. Use your Permit ID NO. when scheduling inspections.

Call: 480-503-6487 or go online


How fast you can get your inspection depends on their workload. I built my pool off season so I got the inspection next day. The inspection took only about 10 minutes.

He checked: how deep the gas pipes was buried, the pressure on the gas pipe,  pressure on the water pipes, that a wire was place by the gas pipe and the water pipes, so the pipes is easy to find after they been covered since they are made of plastic.


Now maybe the ground finally can be leveled out. So it doesn't have to look like Moon Base Alpha in the backyard. I'm so scared someone is going to trip on all this holes.

Inspection 2

The second inspection is all about safety. Before you schedule this you have to be sure you are meeting all safety points. Every city has it's own rules so make sure you meet your city rules. 


I had some problem with our gate. The gate need to close completely when you let go of it and on the day of inspection it was blowing a lot, and the gate didn't want to close correctly. I got lucky and it stop blowing for a couple of minutes and the gate closed.
SaveRkids has a program were you may be eligible to receive a donated pool fence. Families with young children in need of financial assistance are encouraged to apply. The program have some criteria, you can read more about it on their web site.