Clean up/Pop up heads


Before the second inspection and the interior, you have to clean up the area around and inside the pool. If you have had really messy workers you can probably find anything around your pool by now.

My husband and I tried to clean the area around the pool as good as possible between the different subcontractors, so when a new subcontractor arrived the yard looked pretty clean and that was usually the way they left it, almost.

But even if the area around the pool is clean, before the interior can be done even the inside of the pool has to be cleaned. A clean up company will pump up all that muddy water that are in your pool by now and make sure that are no concrete bumps on the surface. They will also cut the pipes for the pop up heads and probably flush the pipes.

One more thing, if you have pop up heads make sure these are put in before the interior, afterwards... just don't forget to call the plumbers and tell them it is time.

So the pool is cleaned, the pop up heads are in, the inspection is done. Now it is only the interior left and the water.




Day 1

Pool interior

First they covered up the decking and start tying up ropes that where going to hold the equipment; water wands, sump hoses and more.  

They started to apply the pebble/cement mixture on walls, steps and benches and ended with the floor. Right now it doesn't look very nice. It looks more like a blue plastic pool.






Extra interior material are washed off

Then they trowel the surface to a smooth finish. After that they used the water wands to wash away a thin layer of cement at the top surface of the mixture to expose the pebble. Here one of the workers finishes up, smoothing out around the main drain.

Smoothing out the pool interior


 Pool interior done

When the interior is dry it looks all white. Tomorrow they are going to wash it with acid and the colors will appear.



Day 2

 Acid wash
Here you can see the difference before and after they have clean of the extra material. They also add loop returns fitting and drain covers.




Filling the pool with water
The pool is done. Right after they finished the interior they start filling the pool with water. It is really important not to turn of the water until it reaches the tile. Otherwise it could leave marks in the interior. If you have to go away and you don't know how fast the pool filles up only use one hose and low water flow, but don't turn it off. I used two hoses but turned one off when I when to bed. It took about 20 hours to fill the pool.


When you calculate how expensive the pool is going to be don't forget to include the start up company, the water and the chemicals. The start up is a lot more expensive, then just regular use of the pool. If you never had a pool before you need brushes, hovar. Maybe some floating device like chairs and maybe some stuff to play with, like things to dive after.