The Permit


After the drawings it is time for the permit. The day a took my drawing to the Development Service at 90 E Civic Center Dr I was nervous. Think if I forgot anything.

To get a permit in Gilbert you can go on their website and print the application and fill it out at home, so you are all prepared when you get there. I was there one early Wednesday and it was only me there. If you are going to have a gas heater you also need some information from the company that are going to install the gas heater. My subcontractor faxed me a drawing of my yard with all information I needed.

Here is what you need:

  • Two copies of the plot plan showing location of pool/spa
  • Setbacks from property line and structures
  • Location of pool/spa equipment
  • Two copies of pool structure engineering drawing
  • Gas lines associated with pool heater requires two copies of site plan with lengths of gas piping line, type of piping, size pf segments, BTU's ratings of appliances served and burial depth

I copied all my paper so I had a copy myself but when I got my permit I got one of the copies back. It cost 285 dollars, spring 2008. You have 180 days till the first inspection then you get another 180 days.