Next was the plumbers.

They had calculated how many pop up heads we needed and where to put them. When they saw the pool they was a little frustrated. It didn't look exactly as my drawing. One of the benches where too long, it didn't match with their plan for the heads. To make the water and the dirt in the water move toward the drain the pop up heads need to be in the exact right place.

The steps and benches did not have the exact shapes as on the drawing that they got from me. When you fax a paper some of the measurement changes and if you hand draw it even makes it worse. (That's a good reason for using some computer program to draw the pool.) Then comes the layout guy and he makes the benches and steps on freehand and when the excavation guys digs the hole the benches and steps gets a little different shape again.

Marking where the pipes are going to be


Here they are marking out where the heads are going to be and how the pipes are going. Then it is time to start digging. Again. You can tell that digging in Arizona soil is nothing you do easily.  

Digging for the pipes

Now all the plumbing is done. The pop up heads are sticking up right now but will be cut off later. There are pop up heads on each step and on all benches. And since we didn't have a step for our feet on the drawing they had to add another head. Now there is a lot of soil everywhere but they leaving the ground open for the electrician and also for the inspection later on.

Plumbers done

   It is a lot of pipes. In the far left corner is the pump and the heater. The tall pipes on the left is the pipe for the water to the slide. You can see the two skimmers and  a lot of pop up heads actually 25 of them. There are also looped returns. You can see one on each side of the deep side of the pool.