7.00 am. I'm glad the neighbors are away during Easter break. Waking up to this noise is not fun.

They start with putting up shields around the pool because the concrete is actually shot on the walls and it splashes a lot. I asked if they should do a thicker shell because of the expanding soil here and they thought that was a good idée. Especially since this area has been farmland before.

The steel bar are a little more than 3 inch up so we decide to just add that extra inch. So the bottom will be around 7 inch instead of 6. They start with the steps so they can dry a little till they need to walk on them. Then they take the benches and the walls. The last thing they do is the bottom of the pool.


3, 5 hour after they arrived they are done and now it is only cleaning up to do.
One of the crew members are still standing in the middle of the pool brushing the surface flat. He has concrete up till his ankles and the steps are already fixed so I wonder "Are you going to leave him there?" "Yes, through him some food once in a while. No, he is going to jump on the pipes." And he did.
When the shotcrete dries it cracks. There will always be surface cracks but you have to look out for bigger cracks. If you can fit a quarter in the crack it is too big.
You can test if it is a surface crack or a deeper crack. Pour some water in the crack and if no water is coming out from the crack even if you add more, it is probably not a surface crack. Call your subcontractor and they send someone out to check it up for you.
Keep watering the pool for at least 5 days. The shotcrete company will give you some instructions how to keep your pool from drying too fast, follow the instructions.


My steps made of Shotcrete

My steps. I'm satisfied with the shape of the stair but the first step is very small and the second step should probably been a little bigger. One more thing with the steps is that the shape is making a corner, and that's never good in a pool. If there is a corner then there is a place for sand to get stuck.

Shotcrete done

The pool has finally got a shape and with all the four steps. Now I can go down in it and feel how deep it is.