The guys arrived early and worked quickly. Here you can see how they just lay the steel bars on the ground after they cut them to the right length and then they wind them together with some kind of steel thread.

 The guys just lay down the bars on the ground

The stairs is still only 2,5 steps.  
The stairs is still only 2,5 step.

Blocks under the steel bar to get the steel in the middle of the shortcrete

They put blocks under the steel bars, so they stay about 3 inch above ground. It is important that the steel will be in the middle of the shotcrete. This is probably the most important part. Since if the steel is too high off the ground you will end up paying for more shortcrete but if it is too close to the ground the shell will be too thin. If you live in an area with expending soil you maybe should talk to the shotcrete company about how thick your pool shell should be.