Water feature

Day 1

Water feature layout

The layout is done. This is going to be a cave, slide, two planters and a wall that covers the equipment. It is important to know that since the wall is connected to the slide it counts as a water feature and have to be 3 feet from the outer wall. The water feature has to be 3 feet from the outer wall on all sides and it can not be higher than the wall.

Steel pool slide

Day 2

Before they start to fill up the slide with concrete they cover it with some kind of net. They also stick in two plastic pipes in the planters to avoid over flooded planters. Somewhere on the side of the steps they have installed small lights that we can connect to the rest of our yard lightning later on.

Pool Water feature

The whole thing is filled with concrete and then concrete is put on the pool walls so the grotto continues down in the water.
concrete Pool Slide
Now it is going to dry till tomorrow. I don't have to watering it and they covered the top of the slide with plastic.
Concrete Pool Slide drying
Day 3

Today they cover the slide with a new layer of some other kind of concrete and then cover it with aluminum folio. The aluminum folio forms the concrete so it going to look more like stone. The first guy to left is taking up a small piece of concrete with his shovel from the wheelbarrow and passes it on to the next man that passes it on to last man that puts it on the slide.

Pool Slide shaping


Pool Slide shaping and covering
They cover the whole water feature with aluminum folio, that's a lot of rolls.
Pool Slide covered in folio
The Water Feature looks strange, like a space ship. After about 20 minutes they take off all the folio and now it really looks like stones. They have shaped the concrete with help of the folio to look more like stone. The equipment is totally covered by the wall and I can still easily get to the equipment. Tomorrow they are going to paint it.
Pool Slide done
Day 4

Today they painted the water feature. The painter used 10 different color to make it look like real stones. Since I was home I could say what I thought about the color before they put on the sealing. I liked the color but I thought the color where too strong, you could easily see different spot of color. But the painter insured me that the color will faint in the sun and in about 5 days they will not look as sharp as now

Pool Slide painted grey
This look like granite, the stone I'm used to in Sweden.
Pool Slide painted with more color
Pool Slide painted with 10 different color
Pool Slide painted
Here it is more than 5 days later, and it looks great.
Pool Slide leakage
When we got water in the pool and turned on the slide, we noticed that a lot of water was coming down the stairs instead of down the slide. I called the water feature company and they came out and fixed it. It was an easy fix, just some concrete that had got stuck in the pipe and change the direction of the water.
Pool Water Feature Done
Our Water Feature one year later. The colors have faded a lot, I'm glad I listen to the painter, and kept the colors strong. The only thing now is to clean off the salt. This is how bad it looks after one summer of usage.